How to make more money from your Pet Business

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If you’re not earning as much as you’d hoped from your business, whether it be from walking dogs, grooming or cat sitting, there are ways to make the most out of your business and earn more.

It’s not all about the money for most of us but we all have to make a living and pay those bills so here’s a few ideas for you!


Is there something you can offer to the customers you already have?  For example if you are a dog walker who does solo walks, could you offer a group walk at the weekend or when you’re less busy.  If you’re a dog groomer could you offer a pamper session or canine massage?   Or how about offering a ‘poop pick up’ service to help your customers keep their gardens clean!

If you create a pet product could you expand on it or add something to it that your customers would pay a bit extra for?


When I started I was adamant that I didn’t want to look after cats, so much so that my first business cards said ‘dog sitting’ rather than ‘pet sitting’.  But you can earn a good chunk of cash from cat & small pet sitting, which usually will be morning and evening visits so doesn’t interfere with your regular dog walks.  If for example you’re looking after 3 lots of cats for a week at £12 per day that’s an extra £252 a week!

If you’re a cat sitter and not particularly comfortable with dogs, could you walk small dogs at lunch time or advertise that you’ll care for guinea pigs and fish too?

If you paint dog portraits how about advertising that you can paint other pets too!


Is there something else that you’re good at that you can do when you’re not out walking, grooming and sitting that you can link to pets?  For example if you’re good at sewing could you make and sell doggy bandannas or jackets or if you’re amazing at painting could you create hand painted gifts for pet owners and animal lovers?  Good at baking, you could sell dog friendly home baked treats.


Think outside the box, what could you offer that pet owners would pay anything for that you wouldn’t need to do every day.  You could provide a service taking dogs to weddings (I love doing this!), or if you have a pet treat business what about offering to host doggy tea parties or birthday parties? (Yep it’s a thing!)


Employing someone to work for you can be a great way to earn extra cash without you having to do much at all.  As long as you do it properly, get advice from an employment expert and or legal adviser, or even get a HR Company to do the hiring for you, it can be an amazing way to expand your business and help even more pets at the same time!

Do you have a side hustle?

If you dream of starting your own Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Business join our free Facebook Group The Petpreneur Network or click here for more info on our Courses >>>

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