The Pet Industry and Mental Health

Having a business that involves working with animals, especially dogs and cats, is often seen as ‘the perfect job’ (usually by those who don’t actually have their own business I might add).  The most common phrase I hear from anyone who doesn’t work in the Pet Industry is “oh what a lovely job”, usually accompanied by “aww … Continue reading The Pet Industry and Mental Health

Covid 19 – Proactive Advice for Pet Businesses

I’ve always loved the quote ‘Fear kills more businesses than failure’, and team, this situation is no different. I totally get that times are scary right now for us small business owners, but panic, giving up, spreading negativity and stocking up on toilet roll is not gonna sustain your business through hard times OR do … Continue reading Covid 19 – Proactive Advice for Pet Businesses

There Are No Instant Success Hacks, Quick Routes Or Secret Shortcuts To Creating A Successful Pet Business

Recently I've been seeing a ridiculous amount of articles, guides, Pinterest posts, info graphics with headings like.. 'Have a million dollar Pet Business in an hour' 'Create a successful Dog Walking Biz in 24 hours' 'Earn 5K a week from your Pet Biz in 3 days' Truth Bomb... I'm willing to bet the writers of … Read more